Iraq is now worse off than before the US invaded

Yes Saddam was a thug. But at least Iraq was stable. Iraqis had guaranteed medical care. It was a secular government and society. Half the people in universities were women, who got six months off paid maternity leave.

Thanks to our invasion, all of that is gone. The country is degenerating into Shia vs. Sunni violence. The religious nut jobs are trying to take control. Their economy is nowhere near as vibrant as it used to be. By any rational measure, Iraq now faces years of internal turmoil. Meanwhile, the US has left, claiming some sort of bogus victory, after basically destroying the country something which seems to me to be the heights of immorality and irresponsibility. And of course, the entire premise for the US invasion of Iraq was that they had WMDs, something our government knew was a lie.

Up to 100 dead in day of terror across Iraq

A wave of more than 20 attacks left dozens of people dead across Iraq as the country’s fugitive vice-president was sentenced to hang for running death squads.

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