Packing and moving tips

As mentioned yesterday, we’re moving. This will be the fifth times in eight years, two of which were transcontinental.

Some tips:

  • Cardboard banker boxes are great for books, CDs, loose stuff, kitchen gear, etc. Buy them at Staples in bulk.
  • Paper towels are perfect for wrapping breakables. Go to a 99 cent store and buy them cheap.
  • Start packing early and be organized so you don’t have piles of hastily packed boxes in the new place with random stuff in them.
  • Go room by room. Bathrooms, closets, and especially the kitchen take the most time.
  • This is a fine time to determine what you don’t need. Give that stuff away or sell it. Craigslist is your friend.
  • Beware of leaving piles of detritus that you will pack later. Pack it now instead. This is perhaps my most important tip.
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