Ifttt. Put the internet to work for you

I’m loving ifttt. Use it to create automated tasks.

Here’s a few of mine.

If I favorite a picture on Flickr, it posts it on my blog.

If I favorite a YouTube video, it posts it on my posterous blog.

I get a text if it will snow tomorrow where I live.

At the end of the month, I get several emails. One tells me to do my monthly billing.

These are just a few examples. It can do much more. Jump on in.

  • Bob,

    It’s a violation of the Adsense policies to place just a picture on a page and throw up some Adsense ads. So while auto postings are great, you have to also consider the Adsense policies which can get you into hot water.

    • I don’t autopost here, just to my posterous and blogs, neither of which have advertising! But thanks for the tip in case I ever do autopost here.

      • Is there a way to add text to the blog post or is the image the only thing the auto posting allows you to do once you like the image? I mean of course you can go back and edit the post and add text, but is there a way to not only like the post, but blog about it at the same time?

        • I think there is is the ability to add whatever the post has as text. Which would be something on Youtube but not much on Flickr.

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