Third shooting and robbery at L.A. marijuana dispensary

The employee was shot in the face and hospitalized. $11,000 in cash was taken. A few days earlier, two dispensary workers were killed during a robbery, and another wounded in a third robbery.

LA County Sheriff Baca:

“There’s a matter for us having to be on full alert as to what the reasons were for such brutal murders,” he said. “It’s one thing to go in and put a gun in the face of a person who is running a commercial establishment and ask him for the money. It’s a totally different thing by assassinating the person that you’re robbing. That, to me, is very cartel-ish in its style.”

If someone is shot in the face, the general assumption is the shooter knew the victim and it was personal, not random. Or he was sending a message.

As for the $11,000, dispensary prices are $35-75 for an 1/8 oz. Call it $50. That’s 220 sales which might be just a few days or so.

If marijuana was legal and taxed, the price would plummet and the criminal element would no longer exist.

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