Freedom. Daniel Suarez

In Freedom, the sequel to Daemon, the conflict between the Darknet and soulless corporations breaks into open war. The government is just a meaningless pretense, controlled by the corporations. Darknet, a conglomeration of bots in cyberspace and wired-in people in the real world have broken away from corporate-imposed society, creating their own new systems. Darknet is run by a dead man and has inflicted massive damage on corporations. There’s a Corn Rebellion in the midwest, autonomous attack motorcycles with swords – and of course the bloody counter attack by the corporatists. Can our band of rebels who are creating a new world possibly defeat the paramilitary forces sent by the corporatists? They were sent with full permission of the Potemkin US government and with buy-in by the mass media who deemed anything not sanctioned by the corporatists as terrorism.

Gee, I’m sure glad this is just crazy speculative fiction and can’t happen here.

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