Pay $110 a day to stay in posh Beverly Hills jail

Yes, those are marble walls. (David Alagem)

Those convicted of non-violent crimes can now stay in a fancy Beverly Hills jail. Just $110 a day. Perks include unlimited TV and phone time, a nice communal kitchen, you can bring your own clothes and sheets – and not have to mingle with those icky poor people who have done god-knows-what.

Craving a midnight snack while you are doing time for getting a DUI? Don’t worry, just head on down to the kitchen in your jammies for some milk and cookies.

Jail Supervisor Randy Neitzke brought this program to Beverly Hills for a simple reason. “It is an amazing source of funding. All of the revenue goes directly to the general fund of the city, which is one of the main reasons I started the program here,” he says.

To be fair. regular LA County jails are indeed disease-ridden, violent hellholes. I’d absolutely pay to stay in the BH jail rather than County. The stratification of society into have- and have-nots continues.

But you better book now, the cells are going fast with long waiting lists expected. Until another city provides even posher cells.

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