State of Vermont “advice” for newly unemployed

For those trying to file an unemployment claim in Vermont who keep getting a busy signal, their Department of Labor advises (and I am not making this up)

Try multiple times an hour versus once every few hours. Think of it like a radio contest and call multiple times. Hitting the “redial” button on your phone increases your chances of connecting as soon as a line becomes free

A comment in Green Mountain Daily suggests

In the spirit of the DOL advice, I submit the following for consideration…

Food stamps run out? Think of it as a diet.

Lose your job? It’s the beginning of an entrepreneurial adventure!

No health insurance? Explore the healing properties of your mind, body and soul.

School cutbacks? It’s a chance to reconnect with your kids.

No heat? It’s kind of like camping out in your own home.

Homeless? It’s exactly like camping out.

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