Our escrow lurches forward

While the sale of our house was scheduled to happen several days ago, it now appears it’ll happen next week. Sue and I and all the agents and lawyers involved (in CT, lawyers close a real estate deal), all see the close of escrow happening quite soon.

It’s been a bumpy process, but even after hitting seeming speed bumps, it has always lurched forward towards the desired conclusion.

And I shall speak no more about it here until it has closed and the money is in our bank account!

We officially live in South San Francisco now, in a brand new, modern apartment complex with all the amenities. It’s across the street from a BART station and there’s a Trader Joe’s at the end of our building. For non-Californians, Trader Joe’s enjoys and iconic status here and soon enough I’ll be back at my favorite geek store chain, the wondrous Fry’s Electronics.

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