• Solution. Use a Mac, where Print to PDF is an operating system function that is consequently functional in every single program.

  • Bob

    My new computer will probably be a Mac. I like the new notebooks, but they seem to run hot and I’m seeing bloggers talk about system failures. So, I’ll wait a few months unttil they get the bugs out.

  • As someone who frequently writes (and is clearly concerned) about security issues on Windows machines, you might find this column by San Jose Mercury News columnist Mike Langberg interesting (it’s favorable to MS, by the way). Here’s the start:

    Imagine if residential security was run the same way as computer security.

    You’d sign up with World’s Worst Burglar Alarm Service and get sent a box filled with door and window sensors, along with wires and a lengthy instruction manual. You’d have to install the system yourself.

    When you were away from home and the alarm was tripped, World’s Worst would deliver a recorded phone message: “Should we ignore this event or call the police?” If you didn’t answer, nothing would happen.

    If you wanted to know when a fire is breaking out in your house, you’d have to go through the same annoying sign-up process with World’s Worst Fire Alarm Company.

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