Will they be teaching advanced torture?

India to train Uzbek army with British "observers" present

This is from Craig Murray, who knows quite a lot about Uzbekistan. He was the former British Ambassador to that country who was forced out of his job for protesting the US/British policy of sending prisoners there to be tortured for information (immersion in boiling water is a favored technique.)  He then released his telegrams to higher-ups on the web in deliberate violation of the Official Secrets Act.

Earlier this year, the scandal-hit British government was embarrassed by revelations that UK troops had trained the Uzbek army in "marksmanship" months before they gunned down more than 700 peaceful demonstrators in the now-infamous Andijan massacre. Now, Eurasia reports, British army officers are to "observe" (one of life’s great military euphemisms) the training of Uzbek soldiers by the Indian army.

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