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It’s on: Harvey Milk Day bill under attack

harvey milk

This again?

OK, folks, time to man up. Or woman up. Just get up, and listen. Noted hate group Catholic Exchange, a site that promotes bigotry and homophobia under a simulacrum of God, is asking its followers to demand Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to veto Senator (and future Mayor of San Francisco?) Mark Leno’s “Harvey Milk Day” bill.

Brock Keeling at SFist details how to call, email, and tweet Schwarzenegger, and where to sign online petitions. Do it now.

Look, you have to understand one thing about these people: they have such an intense loathing for gays that they can’t even stand to have to acknowledge that gays even exist, or are capable of accomplishing anything. If they succeed in getting the bill vetoed, things will, inarguably, get worse. Much worse.