Cameron reacts to the student protests in Britain

This is brilliant, savagely funny too.

“Clegg has lied so much his nose is bigger than Pinnochio’s… [The protesters were] supposed to march in line like in the 2003 anti-war demos. They’re not supposed to resist! The liberals were supposed to cover our arses, give us a ‘progressive edge’, make us less nasty. Now what, civil disobedience, occupations, riots… That’s how Martin Luther Kings and the suffragettes made progress. What ever happened to X Factor, X Boxes, and consumerism?

People have begun to engage with real political issues. Debate is going beyond a few smashed windows. Society is waking up to the possibility of challenging us… ‘Big society’ is fucked.

But gentlemen, if you think I’m going to bow to the will of the people, you’re seriously mistaken. I’d rather sell my chateau in Provence. Those insolent oiks.”

Tip. Another Green World

Cameron’s increasingly shaky coalition

There is the strong possibility that the existing fault lines within the Coalition will begin to open up as resistance grows, with more and more Lib Dems and Lib Dem supporters starting to feel decidedly uneasy. Presently, the polls indicate that support for the Lib Dems has plummeted to around 15 percent since the election, indicating the extent of the sense of betrayal which exists on the part of those who voted Lib Dem as a progressive alternative to the Tories. This sentiment will only increase if, as most reputable economists predict, the UK economy goes into double dip recession when the proposed cuts are introduced starting next year.

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