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Mad Dog PAC is targeting loathsome Republicans with billboards

“I/94 Baby! Billboard on its way.”

These are the first billboards. Many more are coming. A fine place to donate your money!

MAD DOG PAC is the Political Action Committee of Claude Taylor (@TrueFactsStated on Twitter). We already have the funds in place to go after some of the worst Trump bootlicking Congressmen – Jim Jordan is next, then Steve King, Dana Rohrbacher, Devin Nunes, Ron DeSantis, Tom McClintock, Andy Biggs – wherever we can find a billboard company to take our money.

“Dallas! It’s coming!”

“Tyler, Texas! I20-this week.”

“Due up this weekend on 1-75 in Lima.”

Extreme right conspiracy loon Laura Loomer knocked upside the head by Vegas

Laura Loomer has worked with the equally nutcase James O’Keefe on Project Veritas, was banned from Uber and Lyft after complaining she could not find a non-Muslim driver, is a vile racist, and rants loudly and often about how horrible everyone is who thinks she is horrible, etc.

She tried to jack her way in to Vegas after the Mandalay shooting and was so obnoxious at press conferences by the sheriff that he shut her down, then pulled her press credentials.

“All of the evidence that is being leaked is further showing how the Deep State is covering it up,” Ms Loomer has previously written on Twitter, describing the FBI as “the Federal Bureau of Islam”.

But she was swiftly silenced by Sheriff Lombardo after asking a leading question about “timeline changes” at Monday’s press conference.

“That’s not how I conduct press conferences” he told her.

“Please stop asking your question. There’s a decorum that we have here.”

Loomer then tried to sleaze her way in Fox 5 in Vegas, demanding to be hired as a journalist. There was a palace revolt. Anchors threatened to quit. Loomer did not get the job. The Fox 5 news director who wanted to hire Loomer may get fired. @LasVegasLocally on Twitter did an exemplary job covering the Fox 5 brouhaha.

Bye bye Laura, Vegas doesn’t want you.

Socialist / Marxist left in US is absent in opposing Trump

One would think that the Marxist / socialist left in the U.S. would be in the streets, loudly opposing Trump. After all, a corrupt racist in the White House is a perfect target for organizing. Marxists dream of such days, when millions rise up to oppose a government, because then they can interject themselves into the struggle and try to lead it, being as they fancy themselves as being a vanguard.

Yet now that we actually have such conditions, with loud and rising protests against Trump, the Marxist left is deeply preoccupied with most every issue except Trump.

Workers World has nary a peep about protesting Trump. They do mention Trump in Davos trying to get back in good with the ruling class. (Huh?) To WW, Trump’s grotesque excesses are somehow not a departure from the norm, and anyway, certainly not worth organizing against.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation and Democratic Socialists of America have precisely bupkus about Trump on their home pages. There are lots of impassioned articles about organizing other issues. But on Trump, it’s crickets.

The Revolutionary Communist Party does actually say Trump must go. But don’t be fooled. It’s just a come-on to get you to listen to a interminable video on the home page by their cult leader Bob Avakian. It’s 65 minutes long. Most will not be able to get through more than a few minutes of Avakian rambling about his synthesis of Marxism that will allow RCP alone to storm the citadels and smash capitalism.

What accounts for this? Some might be compromised, sure. But more likely Trump and the protest against him just makes their heads explode and they don’t know what to do. People on the right and left oppose Trump, which confuses them. The FBI, for a change, might be the good guys. How can this be? None of this computes for hardcore socialists and Marxists. The holy books say the proletariat must rise up, not the middle class, and it’s supposed to happened in the way St. Karl of Marx said. Yet it’s not. So, they are trapped by their own ideologies, even as some of them are tireless, skilled organizers with decades of experience.

(Please don’t try to explain to me that I don’t understand the far left. I was a PSL member for two years during Iraq war protests, ended up getting purged, and was walking away from it anyway. I was a terrible commie. Fell asleep in indoctrination class, questioned the sacred precepts, and was completely unable to maintain party discipline when I thought the party line was idiotic.)

John Schindler routes around Russia attacks on Twitter

John Schindler was very early tweeting about Russia interference and is a major Never Trump conservative. In case you are unaware, Twitter is a war zone, especially if you attack Russia. The attacks are brutal, coordinated, and vicious. He had a friend commit suicide after repeated attacks and knows of many other suicides.

So, while he still has his public account, he now has a private Twitter account for $10 a month. No trolls, bots, or nasty attacks. Anyone doing so gets bounced immediately. All your favorite Never Trumpers are there. It’s all signal, no noise, with people from all over the political spectrum.

Schindler private Twitter: @thespybrief.
Join his private Twitter.
Schindler public Twitter @20committee.
And let’s not forget crucial information coming from Schindler’s Cat: @FelisDave.

Schindler says:

I’ve had dozens of impersonation accounts set up to harass me, and I stopped counting how many trolls and bots have tried to derail my truth-telling on Twitter: many thousands by now. It’s been a bumpy ride, but over the last couple years I’ve gotten to say, “I told you so” too many times to count. I was right about Snowden, WikiLeaks, and the Russians. Even though my warnings weren’t heeded, I predicted a lot of the mess that America is in right now thanks to Kremlin Trolls, disinformation, and Active Measures disseminated via Twitter and other social media. I was Patient Zero for their online bacillus, and I survived – albeit at high cost.

In the meantime, trolls and bots continue to proliferate and harass. Nasty online conduct by Twitter mobs lead to suicides so often now it’s barely newsworthy. I recently lost a Twitter friend to suicide after he was harassed by Kremlin Trolls and bots until he cracked, and that brought it home to me. No social media platform is worth a human life. Every tweet I send gets trolling back, often of a rancid sort, plus they harass my followers who respond to me. Since I have more than quarter-million followers, it’s clear that Moscow’s effort to make life unpleasant for me and the online community around me is as robust as ever.

Therefore, it’s time to do something about it. I’m not going to delete my @20committee account on Twitter, but I’m moving serious discussions to a private feed called @TheSpyBrief. I’ll still post some things (cat pics especially) on my public account, but if you want expert chat about intelligence and national security – which, after all, is why I signed up for Twitter in the first place – I’m moving that to a new private channel where I can effectively filter out trolls and bots, thereby allowing serious discussion again without harassment of the participants.

My new private feed is @TheSpyBrief, and I invite you to join me there by subscribing (you can only subscribe through my Premo page.)

Home ownership difficult for millennials

Millennials are increasingly having trouble saving enough to get a down payment to buy a home. While college graduates do statistically earn more over their lifetimes than non-graduates, student loan debt decreases their ability to save. Average student loan debt in 2015 was $34,000. This means a monthly payment of over $350, a substantial amount for someone just starting out.

The chart shows national averages for the number of years to save a down payment. In cities like Austin, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Denver it takes many more years – over twenty for millennials without a degree.

This could be a developing long-term trend that causes a drop in single-family home prices while rental prices increase. If millennials can’t own, they are captive to whatever rental prices are.

According to a new study released by ApartmentList, the college graduates saddled with that debt are saving half as much for down payments as those without it, and taking about four years longer to put a first payment down.

But skipping higher education isn’t the answer: Those who did not complete college at all are even worse off.

The numbers are dire.

We find that in Austin, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Denver — one-fourth of the metros we analyzed — millennials without a college degree would need more than 20 years to save enough for a down payment. In San Francisco, college grads with debt would need as much as 27 years!

Students graduating in 2015 with loans had an average student debt of $34,000, a 70 percent increase from 10 years earlier.

As incomes have stagnated, tuition and home prices have risen sharply.