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Toshiba, Westinghouse Electric in dire financial condition

Toshiba bought Westinghouse Electric, which provides appliances, energy, and more. Among the many things Westinghouse does is build nuclear power plants. And that’s the problem. Multiple nuclear plants are way late and way over budget. The result is Westinghouse just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Toshiba may not survive as a company. It is so bad that Toshiba is unable to report its earnings correctly.

This is probably the end of US-based nuclear power companies as a major force, and may well be the end of two formerly stable companies.

Toshiba’s continued write-down of Westinghouse nuclear power plants, all of them delayed by years and some of them being suspended outright, could hurt the company’s balance sheet so severely that it gets sentenced to second-class status on the TSE. That would trigger a deeper sell off of index funds mandated to hold the stock. If you have to point fingers, WEC’s nuclear power plant is where to aim.

Toshiba Corp., the 142-year-old conglomerate, warned Tuesday it may not be able to continue as a going concern as it grapples with billions of dollars in losses from its Westinghouse Electric nuclear business.

But some of what went wrong was beyond either company’s control. Slowing demand for electricity and tumbling prices for natural gas have eroded the economic rationale for nuclear power, which is extremely costly and technically challenging to develop. Alternative-energy sources like wind and solar power are rapidly maturing and coming down in price. The 2011 earthquake in Japan that led to the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant renewed worries about safety.

FBI sends a message by leaking about FISA warrant on Carter Page

The investigation into Trump and Russia ties is accelerating. The FBI just carefully leaked they had a FISA warrant on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page starting last summer. High level (and murky) Russian interests as well as some in the Trump campaign say Page is an “idiot.” However, given this strategic leak, anyone linked with Page, which includes plenty of Trump associates, are probably getting quite nervous. Which may be why news of the FISA warrant was leaked. It signals to the others they might want to cut a deal while they still can. Especially when they might not know what the idiot will do. Whoever sings first probably gets the best deal.

My initial reading of tonight’s Washington Post report, which confirms that the FBI has had a FISA surveillance warrant on Carter Page since last summer, was that the FBI has leaked this information for strategic reasons. After all, the leak is credited to “law enforcement and other U.S. officials” which means it didn’t so much leak, as the FBI decided to officially announce it and just couldn’t put its own name on it.

This isn’t the kind of thing that a low-level intel community employee would dare leak to the media unilaterally. This would have come from the top, and with great thought behind it. So why is the FBI doing this right now? For one thing, it’s publicly signaling to Carter Page that it has ten months of dirt on him; it knows everything he’s said and done during that time. The FBI is also signaling to others in the Trump campaign that it knows about everything they were conspiring with Page on.

Meanwhile, Trump Co. comically pretends they barely know who Page is.

How deep does the Trump / Putin rabbit hole go?

Some of you say, Bob, why all the crazy Trump / Putin conspiracy stuff? It’s because so many of Trump ties and those of his associates have murky ties with Putin and other Russian organized crime. Real estate, construction, and casinos have long been known as ways to launder money. Trump’s empire was in trouble. Dirty money from Russia bailed him out. The deal was Trump lifts sanctions on Russia then everyone makes lots of money on the newly privatized Russian oil company, and on whatever other deals they have. However, it’s blowing up in their faces, isn’t it? They weren’t expecting it to be so public

IMO, this is not about geopolitics, except for how geopolitics can be used to increase fortunes. This is about organized crime and moving dirty money around the planet. Is this a rabbit hole. Absolutely. I *like* going down rabbit holes. You never know what you will find. Sometimes it can get bumpy in them, sometimes you get mangled, sometimes it’s a dead-end. However, I don’t think this one is. Too many trails from Trump Co. lead to murky Russian money. And judging from the huge protests in many Russian cities recently, Russians are tiring of the obvious corruption in the government and society. Good.

Here’s a fine rabbit hole:

Alfa Bank, Trump Tower and a social media impeachment

I believe, in summary:

A Russian spy stole the Facebook data of hundreds of millions of Americans

From that data, Russia crafted propaganda messages via SCL and targeted them by Cambridge Analytica

Both of these were owned by Alfa Bank and Firtash, Russian agent and boss of Manafort;

In order to perfect the social media targeting Russia hacked the electoral voter databases of various key American states:

This information was fed back to Manafort and Cambridge Analytica / SCL via the means of the bank server in Trump Tower;

Manafort and Trump used terrifyingly accurate micro-targeting obtained firstly by Facebook theft but secondly by Russia obtaining the exact demographic profiles of voters through hacks of US state databases and passing it back to Cambridge Analytica.

This theory, if true, would directly connect the Russian state with the Trump campaign and mean that Trump colluded with Russian spies who were hacking America. He will be impeached for it.

Database replication between Trump, Spectrum, Alfa?

Those mysterious communications between Trump Tower, Spectrum Health, and Alfa Bank might be database replication of hacked DNC data making its way to Russia, opines Tea Pain, in a detailed article. What do you think?

Building on the work of @LouiseMensch and data analysis by @Conspirator0 on Twitter, Tea Pain has stumbled onto a possible “signal in the noise” that opens a window into the data-swappin’ shenanigans going on between Trump Tower, Spectrum Health and Russia’s Alfa Bank during the election.

Spectrum Health, owned by Michigan’s powerful Devos family, attempted to explain the IP activity as “Voice over IP traffic”, whereas Alfa Bank offered an even more exotic explanation that “hackers attempted to make it look like we contacted Trump Tower.”

The data traffic, when analyzed, tells a very different story, a story of automated, orchestrated data sharing among multiple sites for a strategic end.

Tea Pain’s working theory is that Russia created a voter targeting database with information gleaned from hacked DNC data rolls and other data rolls “acquired” from other states to feed this growing contact database. That database originated at Russian Intelligence which was in turn replicated to Russia’s Alfa Bank. This is where the “data laundering” takes place, Alfa Bank is the pivot point where the FSB’s data fingerprints are wiped clean. Ironically Russia launders its data at the same place it launders its money.”