Syria crisis being exploited by the West

That the US UN ambassador felt justified in to seizing any moral high ground on the ‘shielding of craven tyrants’ when the US remains a major ally of Saudi Arabia, and up until recently was key in helping to maintain Mubarak in power in Egypt, is stark evidence of the hubris that continues to abound in Washington even after the humanitarian disaster precipitated by the US-led invasion of Iraq and the continuing quagmire in Afghanistan.

What seems clear is that the Arab Spring which has swept through the Middle East in recent months, toppling autocratic regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, and which has seen serious unrest in Bahrain and Yemen, has been actively joined by the US, France, Britain, and their regional allies in order to ensure that what emerges are pro-western regimes that will uphold their geopolitical interests in the region.


Christopher Hitchens loses battle with cancer

His last original work was his memoir Hitch-22. It is a literary tour de force written by a man who knows that he is approaching death and was a US bestseller, where it joined his earlier controversial work making the case against religion – God Is Not Great.

Loved by his supporters and loathed by his enemies, throughout his life Hitchens was a colourful figure, a man of enormous intellect and talent. He was an unapologetic bon vivant, revelling in a prodigious indulgence of cigarettes and alcohol, a lifestyle that hastened his early death.

Politically, he never forgave the left for as he saw it abandoning the cause post-9/11. But despite the enormous energy he devoted to arguing the case for supporting US and western military intervention in the Middle East and beyond, he remained an isolated and embittered voice in this regard.

In his own words:

“My own opinion is enough for me, and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, anywhere, any place, any time. And anyone who disagrees with this can pick a number, get in line and kiss my ass.”

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Egypt cries freedom

It has long been axiomatic that revolutions occur when the ruling class cannot continue to rule in the old way and the masses refuse to live in the old way. Events currently taking place throughout the Arab world bear this out. At time of writing Hosni Mubarak’s regime is teetering on the brink, but no one should make the mistake of believing that this has come out of the blue.

On the contrary, what we are witnessing in Egypt is a process which began when Sadat first turned his back on the Arab masses and sold himself and Egypt to US imperialism back in 1977. This ushered in an era of autocracy and autocracy, as history tells us, is the sine qua non of US imperialism, its favoured method of government when it comes to its many satellite states. Indeed it is the only way in which those states are able to maintain themselves in power at the expense of their own people, creating contradictions which eventually and inevitably reach the point of combustion.

What we are seeing taking place in Egypt, what we have already seen take place in Tunisia, and what threatens to consume the entire Arab world, is exactly that. In other words, a part of the world whose destiny has for too long been controlled by Washington is experiencing the birth pangs of a new era.

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Wikileaks and Assange. Shoot the messenger

The apoplectic reaction by the US political establishment to the latest Wikileaks dossier has been revelatory in its illustration of an empire in decline, via its increasingly desperate attempts to maintain its reach through a combination of overt military aggression, threats, espionage, smear and the subversion of democracy wherever and whenever deemed necessary.

Calls for the execution of Wikileaks editor-in-chief and spokesperson, Julian Assange, by various US officials and politicians have nothing to do with threats to US national security, but everything to do with panic over the true nature of the US establishment and its attitude towards its assorted enemies, satraps and so-called allies around the world having been so comprehensively and embarrassingly revealed.

With the dossier dominating the headlines over the past week, Julian Assange and everyone else involved with Wikileaks deserve much credit for their courage in revealing to the world the truth behind the mask of US diplomacy and how the day to day banal business of empire is conducted around the world. His effectiveness in doing so is reflected in the fact that an Interpol arrest warrant has been issued for Assange at the behest of the Swedish authorities, the Wikileaks website has been removed by its US server, previously mentioned calls for Assange’s execution within the US have mounted, and he has come in for condemnation from governments around the world.

With this in mind one can only surmise that he must be doing something right.

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