Syria and the coming indictments

Bush and Rice urge action on Syria’s ties to Lebanon killing

Noting that the
report “strongly suggests that the politically motivated assassination
could not have taken place without Syrian involvement,” Mr. Bush said
the world must “respond accordingly.”

Why not let Syria and Lebanon take care of their own problems and
squabbles? What is it with the insane desire of the US to intervene
everywhere on issues of little concern to them? Well, it’s about oil,
power, and geopolitical dominance, AKA imperialism, clothed in
high-sounding moral language about freedom and democracy.

Given the coming indictments, BushCo wants to focus attention
elsewhere, and fast. Syria, which has long been their target anyway,
would make a swell diversion.

Hmmm. The evidence “strongly suggests.” UN action called for. A mideast country unfriendly to the US. A drumbeat for action.

We’ve been here before. And it’s been disastrous for BushCo in Afghanistan and Iraq, hasn’t it?

“Insanity is when you do the same thing over and over expecting different results.”