Gergen: ‘This is a presidency that has almost collapsed.’

David Gergen compares Plamegate to Watergate

Gergen was questioned this morning during a CBS segment concerning the
possibility of indictments to White House chief aide Karl Rove and Dick
Cheney chief of staff Scooter Libby. The “Early Show’s” Bill
Plante mentioned that the White House is behaving like it’s business as
usual. Gergen responded: “Bill, I was in the Nixon White House during
Watergate, and we pretended that we were all about business as usual.
And we had a president who was talking to the portraits. It was not
business as usual, but you have to say it.”

Gergen later in the interview said: “This is a presidency that has almost collapsed.”

Dubya pretends

When asked by
reporters Thursday how he’s dealing with the investigation, Mr. Bush
said, “There’s some background noise here, a lot of chatter, a lot of
speculation and opining. But the American people expect me to do my
job, and I’m going to.”

I listened to the audio of Bush saying this. The arrogance and
cockiness is gone. This is a worried man who is tired, preoccupied and
knows much worse is coming.