Whoopee, we’re all gonna die

If global warming doesn’t get us, then bird flu might. Yikes. Then’s
there’s the current rash of tsunamis, earthquakes, and killer
hurricanes striking worldwide. Sue says, I can’t take it any more, I’m
going to stop reading the news.

Get ready for the coming train wreck in DC. Once the indictments start
coming then business as usual in DC will grind to a halt, and nothing
will get done. Yes, that’s right, the US will be fighting two insane
wars abroad and attempting to resurrect a battered Gulf Coast as the
White House becomes totally preoccupied with trying to stay out of jail.

True, seeing Karl Rove do the frog-walk will be grisly fun for anyone
to the left of Atilla the Hun, but at a time when the country could
benefit from actual leadership, we are instead going into a void where
there will be none at all.

And bird flu isn’t waiting.