How the neocons have screwed up the oil business

From the Oil Drum, discussing how difficult it is for oil companies to find qualified engineers now.

insider comments that in an office where the  median age is now
around  55 for the majority of drilling engineers and production
engineers, there are now a significant number of contract engineers
(also in the same age bracket).  Only about 10% of the engineering
staff can be defined as young. And the reason?

Ten. That’s all we could find on the market. We are getting a few from other countries, but many don’t want to leave their homes and come here due to the political climate. And their home countries are offering them really good packages to stay, matching or exceeding what we can offer. America is not regarded as friendly across the world any longer.

Emphasis added. Of course, if the coming indictments bring down BushCo, then the climate will change (one assumes.)