Bird flu

EU urges global bird flu response

A bird flu pandemic is a global threat needing a co-ordinated international response, say EU foreign ministers.

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From the LA Times

Health experts emphasized that the virus passes from birds to humans with great difficulty and that the risk of human-to-human transmission is lower still.

“Tens of millions of birds have been
affected. But there have been only about 117 human cases in two years,”
World Health Organization spokesman Dick Thompson said. “This is a very
difficult disease to move from animals to humans.”


UN Health Official warns, “”The range of deaths [from bird flu] could be anything between 5m and 150m.”


Why an exotic fruit is the world’s only weapon against bird flu

But don’t rush out and try to buy some

star anise grown in the four provinces of China is suitable for
manufacture into Tamiflu and 90 per cent of the harvest is already used
by Roche.