Flooding claims one life, closes roads throughout Connecticut

After nine straight days of rain that made this the wettest October on record in Connecticut, the sun finally emerged Saturday afternoon.

But much of the damage had already been done.

I grew up in Connecticut and was there last week on vacation when the
rains started. A rain gauge in the backyard showed nine inches in 24
hours. I’d never seen it rain that hard for that long in New England.
Never. Then it rained for eight more days, taking out roads and
destroying homes.

Weather like this is beyond unusual for New England. They know how to deal with weather there too.

My sister tells me the winters are getting warmer. This is not
necessarily good! Instead of it being say, 20 degrees, it might hover
between 30 to 34. Thus, instead of snow, they get ice storms, which are
way more dangerous, leaving broken tree limbs in roads, downed power
lines, and seriously slippery roads.

If the warming trends continue it could mean the end of maple syrup
too! If it gets too warm during winter, the sap stops flowing…