Podcast: Iraq – The Constitution and National Resistance.

The U.S. and its puppet regime in Iraq are pushing a new constitution for Iraq. Find out who drafted it, what it says, and what it means for the Iraqi people and their national sovereignty.

The new constitution, unlike the previous one, does not guarantee basic freedoms like womens rights, and seems intent on dividing the area into semi-autonomous regions where local leaders, puppets all, have control over the oil. It specifically rules out nationalization of the oil and forces neoliberal free market policies. Guess who gets rich from that? Hint: It’s not the Iraqi people.

Such a Balkanization would also be a major setback to a Pan-Arab alliance, a major hope for many in the region. Divide and conquer is a common tactic of imperialists. However their attempted colonization of Iraq has been a disaster so far.

Muna Coobtee details this and much more in this informative talk, recorded at a Party for Socialism and Liberation meeting in L.A. on Oct. 14 2005.

MP3 (16:48, 5.9 MB)