Where are the Democrats

DeLay’s been indicted, and deservedly so. Rove is testifying to the
grand jury again. Frist got subpoenaed. The Miers nomination has
created a firestorm of protest. Plamegate may well take down the Bush

So where are the Democrats? Oh dear, they squeak, if we protest Miers,
then Dubya might appoint someone even worse so let’s creep back into
our little mouse holes and say nothing.

On Plamegate and the indictments engulfing Dubya, they are equally timid
and gutless. Are there any Democrats in Congress who are pointblank
attacking BushCo for their sleaze and amoral actions? Not that I know of.

Iraq. Yes little Timmy, back in the Vietnam War, there were
Democrats who gave speeches on Senate floor denouncing loudly that
illegal, insane war. Where are they now? Snoozing at their desks, or
more likely, equally supportive of that war, a war that enhances their
class interests and wallets, while shafting the rest of us.

got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic
waiters on the other side, but no matter which set of waiters brings
you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall
Street kitchen.” — Huey Long

It’s time for some serious rabble-rousing populism in the country. And
it might well ignite where it did before – also in the aftermath of a killer
hurricane – in Louisiana. May it spread.