King George the Inept

Quote of the Day

can think of a recent disaster that shows what happens when a country
neglects its duties of state towards its people. My post as chancellor,
which I still hold, does not allow me to name that country, but you all
know that I am talking about America.”

— Outgoing German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, quoted by the Washington Times, ripping President Bush.

Well, ‘inept’ is too kind. Arrogant, elitist, defender of his
class interest against all others, that’s King George. But it appears
his kingdom is crumbling, what with all the indictments, etc. Would a
Queen Hillary be an improvement? I think not. She’s up there with
Judith Miller as one of the biggest cheerleaders for the war not to
mention she and her hubby Bill presided over and participated in the
deliberate destruction of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.
Hillary, who many Dems now inexplicably view as a savior, is as elitist
and classist as Dubya, although she does have a vague sheen of
progressivism on a (very) few social issues.

Oh dear, am I scaring people with all my talk of class war and the
ruling class trying to impoverish the rest of us so they can get wealthier? Well, they are – and
they state it clearly.

The goal IS to reduce the standard of living

The Washington Post ran a very revealing online chat 
yesterday with one of their business columnists, Steven Pearlstine. He
was quite open that what the “economy” [business leaders, I guess]
needed now is a working class with a reduced standard of living that
will compete with third world labor.

To me this chat was a rather open statement that the business class
expects the US to reorganize itself as an oligarchy with a more classic
“proletariat” than has existed previously. I’m not sure how they expect
consumers to keep propping up the business economy in this scenario –
that wasn’t addressed.

It appears that in their greed, the ruling class has forgotten what happens when the proletariat gets seriously pissed off.