Green Party news

Top Green official to switch parties, become Democrat.


New Paltz Green Party Leader Steve Greenfield
not only changed parties Wednesday morning, he announced his decision
to run against Senator Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary for
United States Senate next year.

Greenfield left the Green Party due to “administrative issues” within the party.

“Administrative issues?”, yeah, right… He also thus resigned from all his state and national Green Party posts too.

Update2: From Greenfield’s press release, as emailed to me from a reliable source.

decision to leave the Green Party was motivated by his experience and
observations as a national Green Party delegate that caused
disenchantment with strategies of failure, lack of democratic process,
and serious ethical questions regarding party finance that remain

me if you have any information on the specifics of what Greenfield is
referring to. Anything you email will be completely confidential.

Oakland Greens may endorse a Democrat for mayor.

They want to endorse Ron Dellums, certainly a progessive,
but a hardcore Democrat too. He’s offered nothing in return. You can
not build a party by endorsing those in other parties and getting
nothing for it.