Deliberately comatose reporting

History? Don’t bother us with history!

I just caught a piece on CNN by reporter Gary Tuchman, discussing how
many of the residents of New Orleans Ninth Ward believe that the levees
were blown intentionally to flood the Ninth Ward and rid the city of
poor black people. There is no evidence for this as far as I know, but
surely it would be relevant to note that it is a fact that, in 1927, a
levee was deliberately dynamited to protect the richer residents of the
city at the price of flooding two poorer parishes. A New Yorker article,
which was mentioned by Tuchman and probably formed the impetus for the
piece, notes this quite clearly as one of the perfectly rational
reasons why people might think something similar had happened in 2005,
albeit clandestinely rather than openly. CNN, however, evidently didn’t
think that bit of history was relevant to its reporting.

In the 1927 flood in New Orleans, levees were dynamited in Black areas
to protect White areas. Of this there is no doubt. And CNN must have
known it.