Reason 93 why the Dems are clueless

Dean’s Scheme
. According to an Associated Press
profile, DNC Chairman Howard Dean is “borrowing ideas from President
Bush’s re-election campaign, Madison Avenue and his own Internet-driven
White House bid” to drag the Democratic party “into the 21st century.”

Said Dean: “What I’m trying to do is impose a system and run this place like a business.”

Of course, a political party or movement is nothing like a business.
The only reason Dean falls back on that tired phrase is that many
Democrats are begining “to wonder whether he has the management skills
to carry out his plans or the ability to raise the money needed to pay
for them.”

As longtime readers know, I dedicate an entire chapter in my book on why government cannot be run like a business. Many of the observations apply to political parties as well. [Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire]