Bush in the danger zone. Zombies in Congress

On a day when Bush’s approval rating hit a new low of 37% in a CBS News poll, with 59% now wanting our troops out of Iraq immediately, the New York Times is reporting in its Friday
edition that Patrick Fitzgerald wants to re-interview several White
House officials as well as Judy Kneepads to help him determine where to
drop the hammer.

And to make matters worse, confirming what blogger Mark Kleiman said weeks ago, Fitzgerald is not just looking at perjury or obstruction charges. He’s going for the grand slam:

Speaking of the 59% who oppose the war, when will our ELECTED
representatives in Congress begin to respond to that simple fact. What
a bunch of pod creatures, Dems as well as Repubs, plodding along
mindlessly supporting an insane war based on lies, rather than 
responding to the will of the people.

It’s a class thing. Multi-millionaires defending their class and financial interests, and screw what the public wants.