More hurricanes?

Hurricane forecasts

Dr. William Gray, the famous hurricane forecaster at Colorado State University, predicts more hurricane fun (More hurricanes coming):

is calling for three more named storms this month, with two growing
into hurricanes and one becoming a major hurricane of Category 3 or
above. That’s nearly double the average storm activity for October.

His Colorado State forecast team also predicts a 49 percent chance
that a tropical storm or hurricane will make landfall somewhere along
the U.S. coastline this month. The average for October is 29 percent.

There is some evidence that these predictions aren’t bogus:

team nailed forecasts for August and September, with only minor
discrepancies between his predictions and what actually happened. At
the beginning of the season, he said to expect an above-average year

Hurricane Stan hit Mexico yesterday

It was unclear how
the oil platform evacuations would affect production at Pemex, the
world’s third-biggest oil producer and a major supplier to the United
States. The company pumps about 3.4 million barrels a day of crude,
just over half of which it exports.