Cheney’s aide revealed as source of CIA leak

Reporter released after naming Lewis Libby
Officials may face charge of obstructing justice

An investigation into a White House intelligence leak was nearing its
conclusion yesterday after a New York Times reporter, jailed in July
for refusing to testify, identified Vice-President Dick Cheney’s
leading aide as her main source.

Judith Miller is no hero. She covered up and ran interference for
Libby  while he sleazed and slimed a CIA agent solely because her
husband criticized the war.

Now Libby may be indicted. Going to jail, as Miller did, to protect the
lies of deceitful White House aides is not something to be admired, not
at all. Remember, she was one of the earliest, most obnoxious, media
cheerleaders for the Iraq invasion, and much of her published
justifications for the war have been proven to be erroneous (and I’m
being charitable, calling them “erroneous.”)

The scandal
threatens the White House directly. Another journalist, Time magazine’s
Matt Cooper, has named Karl Rove, the president’s chief political
adviser, as his source for revealing Ms Plame’s identity.

in the wake of Miller’s testimony. The lead investigator, Patrick
Fitzgerald, had said that the journalist was the main obstacle to
wrapping up the case. Possible charges include the deliberate
disclosure of an undercover agent’s identity, perjury or obstruction of