Arctic ice meltdown continues rapid pace

Arctic sea ice has melted back farther
this year than in 25 years of satellite monitoring, marking the fourth
consecutive summer with “a stunning reduction” in the polar pack north
of Alaska, Asia and Europe, according to scientists at the National
Snow and Ice Data Center and NASA.

Combined with record or near record
declines since 2002, the ice appears to be slipping into a long-term
meltdown that may be slowly accelerating as the summer sun pumps more
and more heat into the green-dark surface of the sea.

Even Big Money realizes the seriousness of the problem. But not BushCo, they’re still in (criminal) denial.

Firms including
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are telling U.S.
clients for the first time that climate change poses financial risks.
With damage estimates for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita as high as $200
billion, an increasing number of investors are joining public pension
funds in urging action on global warming, which some scientists say may
be making storms more powerful.