Quote of the Day.

From Lefti on the News

is some schedule showing what you (need) to do to get Iraqis standing
up and defending themselves which is now suddenly beginning to happen,
so there are some signs of progress. The only way we’re going to be
successful there and ultimately, success is going to have to be
somewhat redefined  is to create sufficient stability to get the
troops home.”

– George Bush? No, John Kerry, doing his best George Bush imitation

Third party, anyone? Or is remaining delusional about the prospects for reforming totally reconstructing the Democratic Party still your thing?

Indeed, the apparent great hope of the Dems, Hillary Clinton, is
unwaveringly supportive of the war. For liberal/progressive sites like
DailyKos to think she, or any other mainstream Democratic candidate,
will somehow morph into a peacenik if president and end the war is –
well – delusional.

BushCo heard us on Sept. 24, they got the message loud and clear. The
people want the war to end. Antiwar sentiment is now majority
sentiment. That our elected leaders in both parties continue to ignore
this simply shows how the rulers must have their war at all costs
because it suits their interests and lines their pockets.

But the people stopped the Vietnam War, and we’ll stop this one too.