Criticism without grasp of facts

Sue responds to a silly comment to a post here saying the ANSWER Coalition, primary organizer of the nationwide Sept. 24 antiwar rallies, has a “heavy male emphasis.”


“Heavy” meaning predominantly? ANSWER has a 50:50 split as to the sexes.

“Heavy” meaning machoism? That must be why young women call the organizing shots in D.C.

While Brian Becker is the national co-ordinator of ANSWER, young women run the
national office in DC and did much of the heavy lifting organizing the
Sept. 24 DC demo. Without them, DC would not have been the huge success
it was.

“Heavy” meaning pounds avoirdupois? Most of the men in ANSWER are slim. Probably all that active-ism.

“Heavy” as in mood? They’re more positive about the future than I am,
because they think people can change … as opposed to feeling
depressed and hopeless because “people suck.”

It’s instructive to note that many who claim knowledge about ANSWER
have never actually been to an ANSWER meeting, much less help organize
an event.