Saudi minister warns U.S. of disintegration in Iraq

Prince Saud
al-Faisal, the Saudi foreign minister, has said that he has been
warning the Bush administration in recent days that Iraq is hurtling toward disintegration, a development that he said could drag the region into war.

Faisal, who was in Washington for meetings with American officials,
blamed several U.S. decisions for the slide toward disintegration,
though he did not refer to the Bush administration directly. Primary
among them was designating “every Sunni as a Baathist criminal.”

The White House response?

Somewhere from Mars apparently

The United States
dismissed on Friday the view of Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal
who said that Iraq was heading toward disintegration.

“All I would say is that we see a situation in Iraq in which the Iraqi
people at every opportunity have chosen to pull together in the
political process,” State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said at a

What a load of rubbish. I wonder, do they believe their own lies? Or
maybe they’re so used to dissembling the truth they no longer can tell
the difference between reality and their PR spin.

Report attacks ‘myth’ of foreign fighters

The US and the
Iraqi government have overstated the number of foreign fighters in
Iraq, “feeding the myth” that they are the backbone of the insurgency,
an American thinktank says in a new report.

Foreign militants – mainly from Algeria, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt and
Saudi Arabia – account for less than 10% of the estimated 30,000
insurgents, according to the Washington-based Centre for Strategic and
International Studies (CSIS).