Green Party: It coulda been a contender..

At the 2005 Annual
National Meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Green Party arrived at a fork
in the road. The delegates voted down resolutions offered by Greens for
Democracy and Independence (GDI) designed to ensure proportional
representation inside the party, national delegates accountable to the
expressed will of the membership, and political independence from the
two corporate parties. These votes fly in the face of everything that the Green Party’s platform and membership stand for.

That putting it mildly. Proportional representation is bedrock to the
Green program, yet it got voted down. A once promising party heads for
the boneyard, deserted by the activists, taken over by Democratic Party
operatives and those friendly to them. They will make sure the GP
either gets subsumed back into the Democratic Party or is neutered.

While the current
undemocratic national committee of the Green Party is taking the
PDA-paved off-ramp back to the Democratic Party, the Greens for
Democracy and Independence are considering new ways to inspire
individuals and state Green Parties to take the road of democracy and
independence, and progress.

I doubt the insurgents can revitalize the GP. “There’s no there there”
to revitalize. And I say that as one who once was an active Green and
held an elected post.