Rita to stall after landfall?

NHC. 11 PM EDT Thu Sep 22 2005

is about to pass over another eddy of high ocean heat content.
Combining this with the possible contraction of the outer eyewall
during the next several hours…Some restrengthening is forecast in the
short term.

Gradual weakening is possible later
on friday before landfall due to lesser ocean heat content closer to
the coast…And Rita is expected to make landfall as a major
hurricane…At least category three after la

Rita is forecast to then essentially stall in about three days in the area of northeastern texas where steering currents are forecast to become very weak. This scenario poses a great risk of very heavy rainfall well inland and for many days after landfall.

Emphasis added. Note that the current 3 day cone and 5 day cone both end in the same area of northeast Texas. That means Rita sits in the same place for three days dumping rain.