Global warming news

Hurricanes. Global warming is to blame

The chart tells it all. The percentage of hurricanes at Cat 4 and 5 has been steadily increasing since 1974.

Heatwave study raises new global warming fear

Global warming
could reduce harvests and plant growth, with a serious effect on farm
productivity, scientists will warn on Thursday.

The finding, based upon an examination of the effects of the 2003
heatwave in Europe, is of particular concern because many scientists
previously assumed that global warming would increase plant growth,
with beneficial effects for harvests and the environment.

Report predicts global warming’s deadly impact

A new report
forecasts that within 100 years 15,000 Australians could die each year
from heat-related illness if greenhouse gas emissions are not
dramatically reduced.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Australian
Conservation Foundation (ACF) have today launched the joint report in

Every government on the planet except for the US takes global warming
seriously. The willful ignorance of the US is dangerous and pathetic.