Ron Kovic endorses Sept. 24

This is to express
my enthusiastic support for the Sept. 24 demonstrations to End the War
in Iraq and the ANSWER Coalition. This demonstration represents an
important turning point in the struggle against this war. For the first
time, many citizens who have not until now joined in the struggle to
stop the war are joining people of all races and classes, veterans,
military families, clergy and everyday Americans to speak out and join
this dynamic and expanding movement. The recent hurricane disaster in
New Orleans underscores the urgent need for all of us to join together
to strongly oppose the direction this government is now going in, and
to demand funds and resources for our fellow citizens here at home.

On September 24, as a Vietnam veteran who knows all too well the
horrors of war, I plan to join with hundreds of thousands in
Washington, DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles and around the world to
demand an end to the war in Iraq, and that the Bush administration
immediately bring our troops home to their families and communities. I
hope everyone will join us in this important movement for peace.
Ron Kovic, Vietnam war veteran, and author,
“Born on the Fourth of July”