FEMA City Florida

Eighteen months after Hurricane Charley, with no homes for the
displaced to move into, FEMA plans to evict them from the camps they
set up for them..

“Personally, I think there will be riots here if
they try to evict people,” said Tiffanie Weygart, a high school junior
who was spending time last week with some friends on the
otherwise-deserted main street of FEMA City, her family’s home for most
of this year. “We’ve got old people, we’ve got a lot of new babies.
Where are they supposed to go?”

Little low-income housing has been built, the working class has no
place to move into that they can afford. It’s happening in Florida,
it’ll happen in New Orleans too. Lots of pricey homes and condos and
hotels have been built, but nothing for the low-income people who used
to live there.