Building for the Sept. 24 antiwar protest in L.A.

Sue has been phone-banking for ANSWER LA, calling people on the phone list about Sept. 24, and raising money too.

You know it’s going to be a “wrong number” when it starts with “555” and ends with “5555”.

But I couldn’t look at the constant barrage of bad news, the clear
result of unrestrained “free market” wars on those with fewer weapons,
and do *nothing*. Some numbers were disconnected, some wrong.
Some folks were friendly, some decidedly not (good time for that ‘dumb
blonde’ routine I’ve been honing).

Ani from San Pedro Neighbors for Peace and Justice
was a delight to talk to. Her group has rented a bus to bring people to
the L.A. march & rally on September 24th. On Fridays they gather
for their weekly vigil at 4 pm at the corner of 1st and Gaffey in San
Pedro — an event they’ve been hosting since before the war began.

Ani made a donation to help defray the expenses of September 24th — we
have expenses of approximately $15,000, and have already raised much of
that. Please help however you can … certainly by coming to the march
and rally, but also consider a donation of any amount.

You can donate by PayPal or call (323) 464-1636.