More on NOLA devastation and inaction

From WaPo

No one has been
able to say how many people died inside the convention center; police,
military and center officials estimate the number is about 10. Nor has
there been any attempt to document the number of assaults, robberies
and rapes that eyewitnesses said occurred from the time the first
people broke into the convention center seeking shelter on the
afternoon of Monday, Aug. 29, and when units of the Arkansas National
Guard moved into the center on Friday, Sept. 2.

But even without those numbers, what happened in the convention center
stands as a harsh indictment of government’s failure to help its
citizens when they needed it most.

From hip hop activist Rosa Clemente on Sept. 13.

As we went down
Canel street the damage was surreal, there was a boat in the street,
toxic sludge in the streets, what we immediately noticed, was the
number of police, military, contractors, and Blackwater mercenaries
protecting property.

We came up on the Convention Center, and after all the clean up, it
still looked like a living hell, the smell of dead bodies was
overwhelming, what was more crazy and shows the inhumanity, the
VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS as defined by the Internatinal Convention on
Human Rights and the CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT of these devils, and that
includes, Condi and Alberto, is that there were plenty of hotels, The
Marriot, The Wyndham, The Holiday Inn, that were completely habitable.

As New Orleans is under marshal law, last night around 6:30pm the
military informed us that anyone on the streets would get a warning
shot, and after that be shot on the spot, throughout the night, we saw
groups of white men riding around in pickup trucks, vigilantes, along
with the NOPD and the @#%$ NYPD, yes, yes yall the NYPD is in the
house, this is the battle ground, this is the BATTLE FOR ALGIERS, we
are on our way to Baton Rouge, Houston, TX and Jackson, MI, more to

She was arrested last night for reporting. Details coming.