A time for action

Many are stunned and reeling from Katrina; from the devastation, the grotesquely inadequate response of the government, the hundreds of thousands of homeless, and from the now obvious fact that millions of Americans live in poverty and are ignored by their government.

It seems overwhelming. Some are despairing. The task is too large, they say, the government too vicious and uncaring. Some are losing hope. 

Want to feel better? Do something. Get involved. It really does make you more optimistic and happier when, rather than sitting at home feeling hopeless and forlorn, you get active with a group or cause you care about.

As most of you know, I volunteer with the ANSWER Coalition. It keeps me sane in a world that doesn’t often appear that way. Last week, Sue had a meltdown when the reports of hospital employees eunthanizing pets came in. She thought things were getting beyond hope. I said, try volunteering with ANSWER this weekend. She did, helping with the phone banking for Sept. 24. She made 107 phone calls in 2 1/2 hours and after said, ‘you’re were right, I do feel better”, and wants to do more of it. (And lemme tell you, she’s a natural at phone banking too!)

It’s the personal contact that does it. It’s being in a room with like-minded people and working towards a common goal that gives purpose. Blogs, listservs, and the Net are wonderful tools, but they lack that all-important human contact.

Get involved. In a world seemingly gone mad, it’ll help you feel better. And it’ll help change things too.