The Orange Revolution ends in chaos

That pretend revolution for freedom in Ukraine, the one which was stage managed by the US (and George Soros’ foundations), has ended with the government embroiled in corruption charges and once loyal members now opposing it.

Ukraine’s ousted prime minister, Yulia V. Tymoshenko, said Friday that the partnership that led the “Orange Revolution” last year was over and that she would no longer support the man who fired her, President Viktor A. Yushchenko.

The dismissal capped a period of deteriorating relations between the former allies and came amid bitter infighting and mutual accusations of corruption in the president’s inner circle.

Genuine uprisings, ones started and supported by the people, have a chance of surviving. But this pretend revolution was a sham from the start. Remember those ‘spontaneous’ demonstrations and encampments? Oddly, in that not wealthy country, suddenly thousands surrounded government buildings and somehow had new tents and sleeping bags, quality sound gear, satellite uplinks, and other such expensive gear, which somehow materialized out of nowhere just when the demonstrations to start.

So, they replaced a mediocre government with a corrupt one, and now the opposition is saying, well, this doesn’t have to lead to war, so you know it’s on their minds.