There’s nothing accidental about the current developments on the ground.

The orders are clear:

“Empty the city, Cut off communications between the citizenry, and
Protect private property.” The result is a massive ethnic cleansing
operation that will displace tens of thousands of poor, black residents
and pave the way for Halliburton and other major Bush contributors to
rebuild the city at taxpayer expense. This is the clearest illustration
of class-based warfare we have seen to date, but we expect more will

Even major media lately has been mentioning the the C-word, class. They
used to ignore it, pretending it didn’t exist here in the good ole US
of A. But no more. Katrina has done for Marxism what generations of
organizing could not, and has put issues of class squarely into the

The above quote obviously is not from a mainstream source.But still,
there’s some serious truth here. Why are communications being cut? Why
are the Feds trying to ban media from NOLA? Do you trust the Feds to do
the right thing?

From a PSL report from the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans.

There is a strong suspicion among the residents that the government has
another agenda
in the deliberately forced removal of people from
Algiers, even though this particular neighborhood is not under water
and is intact.

Algiers is full of quaint, historic French-style houses, with a high
real estate value, and the residents know that the government and real
estate forces would like to lay their hands on their neighborhood to
push forward gentrification which is already evident