Kanye West sparks off the Revolution – Calls out George Bush

From DaveyD.com

We have several things on this thread.. We have Paul Scott’s article…

We also have a pretty cool audio mix It contains clips of Juvenile, Master P, Mayor Naggin of New Orleans and of course KanyeWest..

You can download it for podcast here…

We have the podcast here. MP3 (13:14, 12.6 mb)


We also have an interview from Marcel Diallo of the Blackdot Cafe who gives a breakdown of New Orleans and what all this really means…

He talks about how and why this is America’s Most African City..He talks about how this Houston-New Orleans exchange has been in motion for a number of years…He also talks about the important connection to Oakland…He also talks about the armed white vigilante groups that have been popping things off in New Orleans which has led to the mass evacuations.

I’ve heard this elsewhere too. White gangs of thugs with guns on the streets targeting Blacks. The media must know about this, but all we hear about is Black looters. Hmmm.

From Min. Paul Scott in the same DaveyD post.

There was a news flash that sometime during the night Hurricane Kanye had hit America….

I recognized that look. I had seen it before, not recently but before. I saw it in the eyes of the Brothers at the 1968 Olympics when they threw up the Black Power Fist before the world. I saw it in the eyes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr before he made his speech against the Vietnam War. I saw the same nervous look of self sacrifice and defiance the eyes of Kanye West when he stood before the world and said that the way that America treats poor Black folks is wack!

I can imagine the shock of the folks in the control room at NBC when Kanye flipped the script on them and went into a funky freestyle about the way that the media portray Black folks and that G Dub and the rest of them really don’t care about us.

“Bill! We have an emergency! He was supposed to just throw up the diamond and say “Rockafella ya’ll” and leave. Hit the switch!!!!”

Kayne video