We’re back

And you probably didn’t even know we were gone.

This blog uses the Radio UserLand platform. It lives on a notebook computer and publishes to the server. (Other blogs, like WordPress and Movable Type live on the server. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches.)

This morning, CounterSpy reported a medium risk spyware infection. It cleaned it, then the PC locked up. Uh oh. I rebooted. Just got the entry screen, then nothing. Damn.

Took it to my pals at CTTSweb (where I also host my websites.) You won’t get Sunday service like I did, but you will get what I got – they fixed it. Restored the Registry back to Thursday, did an XP rebuild from the install CD, downloaded all the updates, and bang, I’m back online. Not many places have their expertise. If you’re in LA and have a serious system problem, call them.

They said CounterSpy, among the highest rated antispyware programs, probably erased some system files trying to kill the infection.  I said, I’m doing everything right, have all the latest programs, what else should I do. They said, you want complete security, turn off the computer, unplug it, and store it in the garage!