National Day of Emergency Action. Support the People of New Orleans

This Wed., Sept. 7
Washington, DC: 5 pm, White House
Los Angeles: 6 pm, Westwood Federal Building, (Wilshire & Veteran)
San Francisco: 5 pm, Powell & Market Sts.
Seattle: 5 pm at Westlake (Pine near 4th)

It is becoming clearer every day that this crisis goes far beyond a “natural disaster.” The massive death and destruction did not have to happen as a result of the hurricane; rather it is caused by a government that prioritizes profits, war and conquest over human needs. The danger that a hurricane posed for New Orleans and the region had been known and discussed for years—with no significant preparations taken. Funds were diverted from securing the levees to pay for the war in Iraq and the protective wetlands were sold off to the developers.

Before the hurricane struck, the government issued a mandatory evacuation order with a “free-market approach.” In other words, people were ordered to leave, but the means for evacuation were not provided. It was the poorest sectors of the working class and predominantly the African American community that did not have the means to leave and endured the greatest personal suffering.

The government is preparing to bail out the oil companies, insurance companies, other big corporations and casinos. Big Oil is also using this catastrophe as an opportunity to line their pockets. Working people in the United States need to stand with the victims of this crisis and demand that the government provide both short and long-term assistance to those who have lost everything. More

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