Hip hoppers step up despite losses

Some NOLA hip hoppers have lost much, including family. They and others though are stepping up and helping out.

Jay-Z and P-Diddy have stepped up and have each donated one million dollars to the Red Cross. They have also donated large amounts of clothing from their companies Roc-a-Wear and Sean John.

Ludacris has stepped it up and is using funds from his Ludacris Foundation to help in the relief efforts.

Meanwhile, the record biz is doing jack.

What we’ve gotten from these major record labels in the form of their public representative the RIAA is an announcement in the midst of all this devastation, that they intend to sue 754 more ‘illegal’ music down-loaders.

Let’s send RIAA to suck the sewage out of New Orleans as they have unquestioned experience in being predatory bottom dwellers.