Feebly Enacting Mass Aid

Sue analyzes the stats from FEMA

The feds knew a catastrophic storm was going to hit New Orleans, Louisiana and Mississippi since at least Saturday, August 27.  5 days.  The storm hit August 29 (Monday).

As of early August 31, ( Wednesday) more than 54,000 people were in 317 shelters. FEMA is working with a multi-state housing task force to address expected continued sheltering and eventual housing needs.

Since evacuation by bus didn’t begin until Thursday, September 1, the 54,000 are self-evacuating and are at NGO and state shelters.

More than 82,000 meals have been served in the impacted areas.

To the 54,000 in the NGO and state shelters?  In two days?  Lean pickings. Less than one meal a day.
The number of *homeless* victims still in the city is still in the tens of thousands.