Superdome evacuation halted amid gunfire

The evacuation of the Superdome was suspended Thursday after shots were reported fired at a military helicopter and arson fires broke out outside the arena. No immediate injuries were reported.

 He said the National Guard told him that it was sending 100 military police officers to restore order.

“That’s not enough,” Zeuschlag said. “We need a thousand.”

The Federal government response so far has been underwhelming at best.

Refugees turned away at the Astrodome

They’re told landmark reserved for those bused from Superdome

This is lunacy. Where are broke, hungry people whose car is almost out of gas supposed to go? And why not just let them in?


From Sue

One risk facing New Orleans is cholera. Cholera is caused by the Vibrio cholerae bacterium, which resides in shellfish and fish and, to an extent, untreated sewage. The bacterium originated in India and has spread worldwide. It is ingested by eating improperly cooked fish or drinking unsanitary water. It causes diarrhea, and death results from dehydration.

Some people are carriers but have no symptoms.

From WWL TV yesterday

4:03 P.M. – (AP) Michael Leavitt, secretary of Health and Human Services, announced he had declared a public health emergency in the area stretching from Louisiana to Florida. “We are gravely concerned about the potential for cholera, typhoid and dehydrating diseases that could come as a result of the stagnant water and the conditions,” he said.