Gas shortages are already happening

In places like Arizona, Wisconsin, Maryland, and Michigan too.

Natural gas prices will spike even more than gasoline.

The above links are from who reported on the missing offshore rigs long before major media did. They were first to report this as far as I can tell. And they were quite accurate.

If you want to be a vulture, look at the Fidelity Natural Gas fund (FSNGX) and Tesoro (TSO), who operates multiple refineries, none in the Gulf. (I admit to doing carrion picking and just bought modest amounts of both.) 

Pump prices rose to just under $6 a gallon at some retail outlets in the south. CNN showed footage of a gas station in Georgia advertising regular gas for $5.87 a gallon.

I own a Prius, Sue has a VW Beetle diesel, 46 and 40 mpg respectively. Our next door neighbor says he’s cutting down driving his Camero because of gas prices.